Thursday, March 16, 2017

Melinda Avenue finally has a permanent address

Stop the Presses! as Gonzo would say.

Melinda Avenue finally has a home of her own.

It's not CEO of a big tall building, like my Dad had predicted for me, with yesmen saying, 'Yes MJ, whatever you say MJ'. But who really wants that kind of daily life anyway?
To be stuck in a building all day breathing recycled air, your only view of the world through plate glass...if you are lucky enough to be by a window. Business meetings, deadlines, phones ringing, everyone in a rush.
If I can spend my day writing at this computer, taking a break to go walk through my gardens. Put the kettle on and have tea while I edit my photos. Head out to do someone's feet and come home smiling and feeling great, knowing that I helped someone. Pack up my gear and go shoot a wedding here and there. Come back to my little custom pine Peterbuilt office alcove, surrounded by my books and plants. And a loyal friend lying at my feet. Why, that's all the CEO I need.
'Yes MJ, whatever you say MJ' can be the mantra of my jungle of plants. They will agree to anything as long as I water them on time.

So please stop by MelindaAvenue and sit a spell. There, you can book a Reflexology session, view my Photo gallery or read a bit of my book.