Saturday, January 16, 2016

I am Healthy! .....aren't I? Part 2

So here I was ...walking along, mindin' my own business...thinkin I had the world by the tail...eye did!
(Does anyone else hear that in a butchered English accent?....Eliza Doolittle pre Professor 'iggins..perhaps? will not diverge me from my point today.

And my point was...oh yes, I thought I was healthy..and doing all the right things.
Then I came across another 'diet' which is not really a diet but more of a lifestyle as the 'Fit for Life' one previously mentioned in my other blogs.
This one is 'Eat Right 4 Your Blood Type'
 and is based on the premise that each of us have different blood types, A, O, B and AB. Well according to this eating plan A's should eat certain foods and/ or drinks to thrive in health. And on the same hinge, there are certain foods/drinks that act as a poison in our bodies.

A's are not to have red meat or dairy, but are to consume lots of fruits and vegetables. Sound like anyone you know?
It's me.
O's are allowed lots of beef, but no dairy. And that is Goose. My 'usband, for those of you 'oo don't know.
We decided we had hit a wall in our diet & lifestyle category and were willing to try something new. So we gave it a whirl.
Me, thinking avoiding dairy & beef would be a breeze since I'd been doing it for nearly 20 years. But then what's this? A's should not have bananas...or tomatoes...or pasta?! Those are some of my favorite things! But then they had the audacity to add *shudder* lobster to my 'poison' was I ever to survive this?
Oh wait...chocolate is long as it is dark. Okay, I can handle that. Rice is good...and I can have bread, as long as it doesn't have wheat in it. Okay...wheat-free bread....easy enough.
You do realize that wheat-free bread is not available at the corner store...right?
Well I had no idea it would sooo hard to keep up with.
I am not allowed pork, clams, crab, haddock, lobster, scallops, shrimp (I grew up in the Maritimes...I LOVE seafood!!) Not allowed almost every kind of cheese (no surprise there, dairy)...but then..I hit the fruit aisle. No bananas, cantaloupe, coconut, honeydew, mango (*cringe*) or tangerines. No mushrooms...which I also love, no tomatoes or potatoes. Now, potatoes...I did not eat them hardly ever anyway. But somehow, knowing that you CAN'T have it...makes it worse than choosing not to have it.

I can't help but think that Goose got off easy. Most of the things on his 'Avoid List' were things he didn't like mushrooms. And of course I hear, 'See? I told you I should have those...' with a sneer. And he gets to keep Beer and Beef.  Aren't those the main food groups for a man anyway?

So not fair!
Moving on...Goose immediately lost 30 pounds. And I was so happy for him. Can you hear the happiness in my typing? I do get to drink red wine. And lots of it.

I have not lost any weight...but I have started meditating (still haven't gotten back to my yoga regime yet) but according to my blood type (there is good news!) I am not benefited whatsoever by aggressive exercise or hard labor. *tsk* I could have told you that. (half-smirk and head shake)
So I have been sleeping better, feeling better...fewer instances of heartburn, indigestion et al. In recent weeks I have tripled my water intake as well and have since wiped out most aches & pains I had. Simply by lubricating my joints and muscles. Who knew I wasn't drinking enough water?...are you drinking enough water?
Would you like to know how I found out? Here's where crazy cat lady comes in. (but I have no cats)
I stood with my feet together and simply said, 'show me yes' and my body tilted forward.
I put myself back in center and said, 'show me no' and my body tilted off to the right.

I was stunned that this worked. My Chiropractor showed me how to do it.

Then I picked up my water bottle and simply continued to ask my body how many bottles I should be drinking a day. I had been consuming 1-2 bottles a day....and I now have a goal of six bottles a day. Sometimes I achieve it...some days I come close. But at least now I know what to strive for. Before I had no idea how much I needed. And I do feel better.

Some days I feel jilted....others I feel blessed. The blessed days outweigh the jilted ones. And I guess that is was is really important.
I will soon be starting another 'way of life' program with my co-workers. It involves an in-depth analysis of my blood work and metabolism. It supposedly will give me even more answers as to why the eating right for my blood type is not helping me 100%. I feel there is something I am missing. This might fill in the blanks for me.
Stay tuned for updates.
Same bat-time.
Same bat-channel.


I am Healthy....aren't I? Part 1

Okay, so New rules.
#1) I am going to blog more often...and on a semi-regular basis. Looking back I see there was a huge lag after my Father passed away where I definitely should have been writing. Why? you ask..? Because writing is a therapy. It's relaxing. It releases pent up feelings. And it's cheaper and less hassle than going to a psychologist.

I have always thought of myself as a healthy person. Twenty-four years ago, both of my Parents were diagnosed with cancer. My Mother took the more natural route and went to a Homeopath, changed her diet and used positive thought processes. And all of these seemed to be working to her benefit. Unfortunately, she was ill-advised to receive chemotherapy. And the severe damage it wrought on her was more powerful than the natural foods & remedies could deal with in a short time.
However, during that time of discovery we found out alot about our bodies, our diets and the importance of how they work together.

Elimination Cycle

I'm sure you know that our bodies work in a monthly cycle affected by the moon. But did you know that they also work on a daily cycle?
There are 24 hours in a day. If you break that down into 3 eight hour segments, you will realize that your body naturally does different functions during each one.

    Consumption - Roughly, from 12 noon til 8pm at night that is when we eat our meals, snacks etc.
    Digestion    -    From 8pm til 4am our bodies work to process and digest that food.
    Elimination  -   From 4am until 12 is when our body works to eliminate the waste from the previous day.

Once we learn this process and understand it, we can work with our bodies instead of against it. So when we get up in the morning it's a good idea to not eat anything heavy. Fruit is a good enabler to move things along and not inhibit any functions. Drink lots of water and juices.

Between Noon and 8pm eat as much healthy foods as you like and it will not hinder anything.
Try not to eat anything after 8pm. The reason for this is once your body starts to process and digest it doesn't want anything to interfere with that. If you have anything else to eat, it must start the process over again. You also sleep better if your belly does not have any 'new arrivals' just before bed.

I must say that when I worked this into my daily eating habits, I felt much better, slept more deeply and wakened feeling rested and alert. If your body spends all night trying to get caught up on a delayed task, it will not get a good 'recovering' rest.
* I learned this information from 'Fit for Life' book

Removing Harmful Toxins

I paid attention to what Mom's Homeopath asked her. The three main issues they dealt with were bread, red meat and aluminum. She said these were all contributors to her weakened immune system and thus an obvious candidate for cancer to take up a lease on space.

I immediately stopped eating bread, which was hard because it included rolls, flatbreads, crackers, wraps and my favorite...toast! But I did it. It was kinda hard to send the kids to school with peanut butter sandwiches with no bread. But soon they wouldn't be able to bring peanut butter into the school anyway. (that's a whole other blog!)

Red meat was admittedly a little easier for me since I hated the idea of eating a dead cow. 'Slaughter' is not a good word. No matter how quietly you say it. Not only the meat itself is a problem, but the way it is handled, the chemicals that are administered to said cow before the...'S' word. I really just don't see anything clean about the cow. Where it lies. Where it see where this is going.
When I stopped eating bread and beef, I lost 30 pounds. Logically there were people that said it was because I was starving myself. But I was not sick. I was actually looking really good. Vibrant. And healthy. For the first time in a long time.
Dairy, also from a cow...but no one has to die to get it...dependent upon the cow's disposition I assume. I had previously consumed cow's milk my entire life. Except for when there were nine people living in the house and we could only afford *cough* powdered milk. I can still taste that! However, once I started looking into it...the health problems that stem from cow's milk far outweighed the benefits of a tall cold glass of creamy chocolate milk. 
I started to read about obesity and diabetes in children, ear infections and other health problems. All of them were ingesting dairy on some level. Then I read something that changed my outlook forever. When we grow up we don't continue to drink our Mother's breast milk. (those of us who were lucky enough to be breastfed. I was not) We need that milk as we are growing and developing at the beginning of our lives so we receive the antibodies and nutrients that our Mother's provide for us.
And then we don't.
Dogs nurse their pups until they can eat solid food. They don't hook themselves up to pumps to continue feeding the grown pups. No other animal on the planet does it. Except us.
And we don't drink the Mama dog's milk. 
Dogs' milk is for dog babies. Cats' milk is for cat babies. Cows' milk is for cow babies. Humans' milk is for human babies. Seeing a theme here? I did too. I wish I had a dollar for every time I've said this out loud to other humans.
When we eliminated cow's milk from our diets we noticed a substantial improvement in everyone's health. Children of friends and family around us were constantly sick. Colds, flu, ear infections, allergies. My children did not suffer from any of those. Was it because we didn't eat dairy? No one can know for sure...but we definitely were a healthy bunch.
Aluminum ....I thought that would be simple. Stop eating anything from a can. (Mom's levels of aluminum in her body were four times the level that makes it easy for cancer to survive. But her entire life, she had drank juice from a can, soup from a can. So if we simply stopped buying any food or drink in a can we could put the brakes on that quick...right?

Wrong. Turns out, there were levels of aluminum in almost everything we were eating. We had to check the labels for literally everything. The biggest anti-perspirant. It has aluminum in it to stop...STOP us from sweating. By clogging our pores and glands. Our armpits are right next to...what? that's right...our breasts!

Okay, okay....*deep breath*...I"m losing focus of what I wanted to say here. I know I have already told you all about the things above. And hopefully you listened. I love it when someone listens to me :-)
Long story short...
I can do it.
I thought I was healthy all these years. Drinking water. No pop. No bread. Red meat once or twice a year. Deodorant (aluminum-free), not anti-perspirant. Little or no junk food. Walking every day. Lots of fruits & veggies. Don't mix my starches with my proteins.

Every morning I was having a banana in my shake. Drinking what I thought was enough water. 
But...I was wrong.