Friday, September 19, 2014

it's true...we have all lost someone

A Parent, Grandparent, a Friend, a Child...a Pet. Whether old or young, someone you love has no doubt already crossed over to the other side.  
Of course they are happy, free of illness, free of of anything bad.
But what does that mean for us?
The ones left behind.
I have lost both of my Parents, all of my Grandparents, many cherished Pets and dear Friends.  As hard as it is to say goodbye I have to believe that they have gone back to where we have all come from. Their struggles and lessons they came here to deal with are through.  And when ours are done as well, they will be waiting for us to come home...with open loving arms...or paws.

The name of the song that is playing in the video is 'When I Get Where I'm Going' by Brad Paisley & Dolly Parton. Definitely one of my favorite songs.

I made this video for all of those that have left make you smile or shed a tear.  But mostly to remember, when we meet again there will be only happy tears.

One of the last things my Dad said to me
was how much he was looking forward to being with my Mom again.

Monday, September 15, 2014

My new office

Okay, so it's not a 'new' office.  I re-arranged my office furniture to create a new 'space'.
It seemed like a huge undertaking while I was planning it. But all in all took less than 2 hours.

Our upstairs 'loft' bedroom is large enough to have my office at the opposite end of our sleeping area. Plus we have a bathroom.  A tiny bathroom that I can't stand up straight in.  But who stands up straight in the bathroom?  So, essentially, I can work, take a nap, pee, wash my hands and get right back to work again.  The only reason I need to come downstairs is to re-fill by mug with tea. And grab a chocolate chip cookie warm out of the oven.  What? no cookies?  How can that be? Everything else is perfect.

Working at home, as you can see, has its abundance of advantages.  I can get laundry done, housework, no commute, faithful companion sitting on the top step keeping a watchful eye out for creepy passers-by.

I love to write.  If I could write all day long and get paid for it...that would be my dream life.  Sometimes I worry that I would run out of thing to write about.  But then I laugh...I have never run out of things to TALK how could I not have something to write about?

Yesterday, we were at a hockey game.  My husband, Goose, oldest son, Jake and myself.  Not long after being in the cold air of the arena, my nose started to run. I mentioned it to Goose.  A conversation ensued that included an idea of a nose literally running around the arena up and down the steps.  From that moment on, there were many instances where I burst out laughing and could not stop...for no apparent reason to the other hockey fans.  They kept looking back and forth between me and the ice to see if there were any correlation.  And there, sadly, was not.

And that...just made me laugh all the more.

See?  There is no shortage of topics for this Lassie to discuss.  I find humour in absolutely everything.
Now..where was I?  Ahh..yes, the other direction my mind goes...'humour' and 'completely lost'.

I would love to say it has come with age.  That while talking to someone, or not even talking to someone....that I will blurt out something I am thinking about.  Be it a word or person I was trying desperately to place in an earlier conversation ....a completely new topic that I just thought of and had to share.  I would love to blame it on age...however, I have always been this way.  And I don't mind it.  It keeps me interesting...if even in my own eyes inclusively.

Tea mug empty - be right back.  Talk amongst yourselves.

Well, as you can see by my long delay in short trips usually find a way to becoming a 'Family Circus' adventure trail.  Anyone else remember those?
I was leaving the kitchen with my hands wrapped around my warm mug. I noticed that the washing machine had ended it's cycle.  Putting down my mug and picking up the laundry basket I proceeded to transport the clothes outside onto the line.  Faithful companion accompanying me of course...which turned into a squirrel hunt as she inched her way off of the back deck.  Wrangling her back in, letting the squirrel off with a warning...we headed back into the house.  My hot tea is now warm.  I pass by the livingroom window and see that I left the garage door open.  Now I realize I'm wasting valuable writing time, so I run outside all the way to the garage...grab the door and am overcome with the smell of my Dad.  He's been 'hanging around' the garage for weeks now, helping Goose with the final touches of truck rehabilitation.  I stop and absorb that feeling for a moment.  And I smile.
I get back inside, kick off my crocs, grab my tea and realize I have to go to the bathroom.

It's cold out today... my nose is running again.  And now my tea is cold.

What was I saying? my office.  Ah, yes.  Before my desk was facing a wall and I would have to turn my head a full 90 degrees to the right to see out my window.  Now my desk is facing a corner and I turn my head a grand 45 degrees to see out my window.  Great job. Cut. Print. The end.