Monday, July 28, 2014

~Autumn in July

I know, I's been a long time since my last post.  I have no excuse other than working.
When my kids were little I had time to bake fresh bread and have cookies in the jar often.  Although then my full-time job was being a Mom and a housekeeper.

Now that the kids are all grown, you would think I would have more time.  But I have a full-time grown up job.  Which mainly means that when I'm not working, I'm tired from working.  I have money from my job so that I can help Goose pay the bills (for the house that we don't have time to enjoy and the vehicles that take us to our work).

My thoughts on that?

If we didn't have the house and car and all the things in between....we wouldn't need to work to pay for them. So then...we would have all kinds of time to 'play' with the things we no longer have.
There seems to be a vicious circle called 'Life' that is sucking it all out of us.

My perfect world would consist of a small wooden cottage out in the middle of nowhere.  We would have water close by, so that we could use our boat.  Not a large boat, even a canoe I would be happy with.  Something to glide over the water on an early morning while listening to nothing but the birds waking up.

We would have solar panels to power everything we need.  No obligation to the hydro companies and all their huge paychecks and severance packages.  A big garden to grow all of our own veggies.  No worries about what the big corporations are putting into our foods or listening for recalls on our daily sustenance.

An internet connection so that I can upload my latest writing pieces to my publisher and they can deposit my checks into my banking account...without ever leaving my loft.
Lots of trees for shade and shelter, grass and wildflowers...a stone path leading to our little pond.  With fish blowing bubbles up at me as I pass by.

The air is cooler in the last few days.  I am sitting at my desk with my sweater on and a warm blanket over my legs.  Why not just close the windows you ask?
Because then I would not hear the birds chatting on the tree outside.  Nor the tiny raindrops landing on the awning over the window.  There's something about a cool breeze like today.
It makes me want to buy school supplies and pick apples....bake pies.

So when I went into town today, I bought a turkey.  The smells that are wafting upstairs to my office right now are making it difficult to concentrate on working.
I broke up the bread and rubbed the sage and butter on.  And yes, making a big turkey dinner with all the trimmings is alot of work for one meal.  Which is probably why we only do this twice a year.

What makes it worth it?
The smell of a turkey roasting in the oven evokes memories of Christmases long past....Thanksgivings with the grandparents and cousins all sitting at the same table, everyone happy and excited, talking all at once.  Going outside after and playing in the leaves, enjoying the brisk breeze.  Feeling the air that promises a new beginning...a new season, a new adventure.  Fall has always been my favorite time of the year.
Having that smell ....bring all that back for an entire day.  And seeing the look on Goose's face when he comes home and the memories proceed to puncture his work day.  All the stresses float away out the open windows.

That is why it is worth it.
I think our Mothers knew it as well.

So ...tomorrow it may be summer again with blistering heat and shade seekers abound.  But today, just for will be my Autumn.