Wednesday, April 30, 2014

~My Healing Retreat

A most extremely strange thing just happened...while digging in the garden, cleaning up and preparing for the new season...I noticed an injured bee. I hoped it wasn't me with my little hand rake that had hurt him...but who knows? He was sideways and couldn't get up. Buzzing his little wings, but unable to fly
I said, 'are you ok?'
and he extended a leg (that was at a very bad angle compared to his other legs) straight up and out against his back. I wasn't sure what to do, so I offered the end of my rake to him and he latched on with his remaining good legs.
I looked at him, struggling...wondering what I should do. I briefly considered putting him out of his misery. Then quickly dismissed it since he had obviously trusted me to help him.
Then I looked over at my newly constructed Faerie Retreat.
'I may not know what to do, but I know a great place you can stay!' so I carefully transported him to the Faerie cottage and gently set him down on the stone path, upside-down. With our combined efforts we quickly uprighted him.
Getting down on one knee I decided to get a good close-up look at a often do we get that chance? He scanned the scenery, apparently quite at home. He started walking around...then he decided to try out his wings again. They got him to the other side of the path. Then he did it again flying further, to the post next to the Faerie door. As he climbed to the top of it, I realized his 'hurt leg' was now pointed in the correct direction and functioning properly. As I was wondering when that happened, he flew away.
Leaving me sitting there, with my earth-crusted hands on my a stupor.
'Did I.....?'
'Did he....?'
Finally I got a clear thought...'Did I just heal that bee...? with my Faerie Retreat?'

As I attempted to get up, still in the bee that was almost dead a few moments before....I thought, 'Maybe he read the book..'

all I know is...I want to spend more time there!