Friday, August 10, 2012

~No Comment!

Ok, I would just like to point out the blatant lack of comments on my Blog posts.  What is the deal?

Is there anyone out there? :-) I know you're reading.  And I would love to see some feedback.  Hear a laugh or two.  Maybe a question?
Ok, not too many questions, but still....I'm sure someone has something to say.  No one keeps quiet anymore.  Especially not me.  I added the feature for comments for a reason.  Please use it.  Come on!  Everyone's got something to say!

Sometimes people can talk and talk and have nothing to say.  Don't you hate that sort of person?  The ones that just go on and on and you start wondering to yourself if they would even realize if you walked away.  Sometimes if I'm wanting to do something else...or I was interrupted from a task...and this person just keeps on talking as if there is all the time in the start to envision punching them in head.  Just for fun...would they stop talking?  or would they continue?

One of the most annoying things in the world (in my world) would have to be someone who breaks into your thoughts while you're reading or a letter to someone.

And they come along, 'whatcha doin?'
'Watching something'
'Thinking about something'
'Having a BATH!!'

'Oh...that's good...well I was just wondering....what do you think I should do about.....which movie would you like to ....I'm bored....did you notice the dog did.....I heard this joke the other day..would you like about we....I never got around, you would not believe what happened...'

And all the while you want to peel your eyelids off and throw them at them.  I'm not an unreasonable woman.  I'm well aware of the importance of human contact.  I know children need their parents to listen to their thoughts & dreams.  I'm all for that.

But just once.  Once.  I would like to be able to finish writing a letter, finish reading an article, finish a trip to the bathroom... one movie without a surround sound commentary....a bubble bath....enjoy one moment of silence, without having someone bumble in and break the sound barrier.

Is that too much to ask?!!

~deep breath~

Where was I?.....
oh yes...looking forward to hearing your comments!  Have a great day!

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  1. Hey Melinda! Just found your blog today. Also just noticed you disappeared from FB. Missing your day-to-day. What's up girl?