Monday, June 4, 2012

What we really see....

The other night, my oldest son & I were watching TV. A show called ‘Secret Millionaire’ came on. For those of you who are not familiar with it…someone with lots of money goes to a place where there’s not much money, they get to know people and hang out to find out who needs the money the most. At the end of the show they give out cheques for anywhere from $5000 to $100,000 (from what I’ve seen so far).

I found myself very emotional throughout the episode. This is not the first time we’ve seen this show. It truly does make me ill to think that there are people in this world that have more money than they know what to do with….yet, there are people that don’t even have beds to sleep in at night or food in their bellies.

Of course society would like for us to believe that this only happens in ‘third world countries’ They show the commercials for all the pretentious organizations that supposedly help these people.
“Look at this poor starving child with the flies crawling on her face…..don’t you want to help her in any way you can? All it takes is pennies a day to feed, clothe and school this child.”
Are they serious? How stupid do they really think we are?

I’ve known hundreds of people in my life that have sponsored these children. And they’ve sent more than pennies a day….much more. For many years.

And in the commercials, they show these celebrities, actors & musicians over there with the sad faces….why would they waste their time making these commercials? Why bother asking the average joe like you and me for our pennies a day when they have people already there that could hand over a paycheque. One paycheque for $2.6 million and apparently feed this whole village for a lifetime.
Every single time I’ve seen these commercials, my immediate thought is, ‘Put down the damned camera and swoosh away that fly! HUG that child, don’t put a camera in it’s face!’

How do we even know that the money being sent from our country is getting to the people that need it? We don’t know. I’ve been to a friend’s home and seen their ‘adopted child’ on the fridge with their happy smiling fly-free face with a handwritten note (in English, no less) thanking them for their money each month. Their ‘pennies a day’ have changed this child’s life.

Then I go to my Aunt’s house in a different province and see the same child on her fridge. Hmm…. Stop and think of how many years these organizations have been begging for money. Think of how many people you know or have heard of that actually send money. Then multiply that by 1,000,000…easily. Do you honestly think that for that many people, for that many years, sending that amount of money….that there is still no one over there that can swipe that fly out of that child’s face?? And the only thing they still have to eat is rice?! The cost of the jet that got that camera crew there would have helped alot.

I think the people in the commercials, the celebrities should be ashamed of themselves. There are days in my own life where I have not been able to feed my children. I know many families that struggle with day-to-day expenses. And to ask us to send them our money that we so desperately need….when there are people in the world, in this country that could easily share the bounty they have.

Do you have any idea how many multi-millionaires there are in this world?

When the lottery jackpots are up to $650,000,000 (in the US) why, for the love of Pete, would they not draw 650 sets of numbers?? Why?! What does one person need with $650 million? I just don’t get it. Wouldn’t changing the lives of 650 families or individuals make so much more of a difference than one person or family?

I could go on and on about this subject…but I want to get back to what I started on. The Secret Millionaire, this man and his daughter go to the slums of New Jersey and meet people who are ‘down on their luck’ and homeless.

The majority of the people they met were war veterans. These men & women sacrifice their lives, to fight in the wars, going to other countries not knowing what to expect…or even what they will come home to. Some losing limbs, some losing their sight, some don’t make it home at all. And this is how the US gov’t/army thank them for their contribution? To toss them aside and leave them out in the cold. Do you think those politicians would ever end up that way?

Does our gov’t/army discard their people in the same manner?

The people that make the decisions to go to war or to ‘fight for peace’ around the world are never the ones that go onto the battlefront. They are not the ones that are risking life and limb. But they are making all the decisions….

And they also make the decisions that leave these people to fend for themselves. One TV show I saw, I can’t remember the name of it…but a man wanted to help give a facelift to a shelter that provided food for homeless people in a community. He provided a work crew and supplies to gut out the hall and make it all new, including appliances…and then he made it a goal to have it all done and have a meal ready for all of their patrons that evening.

The mayor of the town. The mayor! Showed up at the hall to give his appreciation to this man for what he was doing. And he challenged this man to make enough food to feed another large group of people by a deadline (which was before his previous goal of feeding the homeless people in this particular neighbourhood)

This mayor….did not offer to help, offered no money to contribute and virtually did nothing to help the group in any way. I was appalled. It makes me sick to see people like that in a position of power. He walked in, in his 3 piece-suit….and drove off in his $60,000 car….and did nothing to help anyone.

If you too are tired of seeing this type of behaviour, why don’t we do something about it?
There is a revolution growing worldwide as I type this blog.

Occupy groups all over are doing whatever they can to fight against this type of behaviour…to take the power away from money-hungry politicians and huge heartless corporations. Find a group in your own area and see what they are doing.

Let's tell them that this is not OK.

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