Tuesday, June 26, 2012

One woman's junk....

The warm breeze, the blue sunny skies....the blooming flowers....and dragging your old junk out to the end of the road and setting up post for the day to see if anyone will bite.  Only to drag it all in again at the end of the day.  The upside? you've got a few extra coin in your pocket at the end....hopefully!

That's right, Yard Sale Season.

In my personal experience, I never look forward to having them.  I grunt, I roll my eyes...I even stomp my foot...but then I finally agree to it.  The entire family is on board to 'have a yard sale'.  Then, I find myself being the one standing in the sun, washing & polishing our old items we don't want anymore.  I find myself writing up the price tags, cutting them loose and deciding which item should be worth what.  I'm the one dragging everything out to the end of the driveway (usually with help...but the help quickly disappears once everything is set up)

I find myself picking & choosing what goes & what stays.  You can almost sense the tension among the bottles, books and paraphernalia in the garage. 
'What will happen to me?'
'Am I going out the door?'

I can see the panicked expression on the silver thermos carafe as it is yanked off of its perch and out of the garage...wincing...only to change direction and be left on the front step to go into the house.  ~whew~

What a break!  Almost every weekend, Goose & I venture out to auctions, flea markets & yard sales...I absolutely adore going to these events.  You just never know what you will find.  Sometimes we come home with treasures, sometimes we come home empty-handed.  Sometimes we come home with an extra hitchhiker that had the good or bad fortune to 'come with' the purchase of another item.  Something we have no idea what it is...or what to do with it...maybe it doesn't even know itself.

We bring them home and they go into the garage to be sorted.  To keep, to sell, to use, to throw out...
The current residents in the garage are eager to see the new arrivals.  You can almost feel the excitement.

The problem with constantly bringing home all the new stuff, is that we eventually have to get rid of some...if we want to be able to breathe.

So yard sale, we do.  Some people drive by and try not to notice the yard sale.  Some look in and turn away quickly because it might cost them something for a long glance.  Some slow down and scan to see if they can see if there is anything they need.  (like you can tell from the road)  Some go right on by....slowing down about 100ft down the road, clunk into reverse and put their lives in danger roaring back up with little or no regard to the blind curve on the other side of our house.

I sit, almost invisible...in my lounge chair, reading my Diana Gabaldon novel about Jamie Fraser, a Scottish marvel of muscles, red hair & kilts....under my sunglasses, no one knows that I'm watching them.  I quietly observe, not a fan of aggressive sales...it's fun to watch different personalities.  Different ages.  Different sexes.  What they pick up, what they pass by...what they take home.  Should I be offended that something I held onto and loved for years, didn't warrant a pick-up by the stout lady with the purple hair?  Nahh...after all, one woman's junk is another woman's treasure.

I was thrilled that one lady adopted 3 of my Christmas signs....in the blazing sun.  They are now on their way to Kansas.  Something that I cut, sanded, primed & painted is going to be written on with chubby little fingers, counting down the days till Santa arrives....in Kansas!  Isn't that where Dorothy's house blew away? hmmm...good my signs are sturdy.

Well, not much went on Saturday....a few things on Sunday.  And since I have such an emotional connection to all the psyche's of the unsellables....I can't possibly consider taking them to the dump.  So what will I do?
Haul them all back into the garage and wait patiently for the next sunny Saturday.
Just like any good Yard Sale Mom would :-)

Happy Saling~

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