Friday, June 1, 2012

How do I look?

It was date night again. We went to the local theatre. I was excited…and with good reason. I had a pretty good notion we would break our sucky movie streak. PLUS…I was no longer cleansing. I could have popcorn.

‘Would you like anything else?’ the pretty young blonde behind the counter asked.
Did I look like I wanted something else? Did I look like someone that would have to go into the theatre arms laden with junk food? Did she not know that I had just spent 7 days ridding my body of all the forbidden fruits (that’s just a figure of speech…pretty much my whole diet was fruit)

What exactly was this girl trying to say? She was really starting to get on my nerves. Just as I was about to give her a piece of my mind, my eye caught an Aero bar. Normally I don’t like the common chocolate bar….however, this was Dark chocolate. It would not make me break out.

‘Yes please…’ I sheepishly pointed to the Aero Dark and proceeded to the theatre juggling my drink, popcorn & treat.

I was pleasantly surprised to find that I did in fact like the movie. Will Smith & Tommy Lee Jones are two of my favorite actors. Sci-Fi is not usually my passion, however this was a silly sci-fi. And I do do silly.

When I had my fill of the greasy popcorn, I moved onto the chocolate. Only breaking off one section and putting the rest back into my purse…because usually dark chocolate was quite strong in flavor, I was sure that was all I would need.

I chewed & swallowed the chocolate without alot of notice to the flavor until afterwards. It was delicious! I thought I would have another section, this time not using my teeth. I would slowly savour the flavour.

Oh my!

I reached into my purse for a third section…again, slowly letting the chocolate melt & fill my mouth. I can’t remember the last time I had an Aero bar…but it never tasted like this. Was it because it was dark? or because I had eaten it so fast, it didn’t have time to melt? who knows! Another section…

At this point, I look sideways at Sweetie with his sour peaches…..usually we share our treats. He offers me some of his. I offer some of mine. Then I realized I only had one section left. I waited till he had a mouthful of sour peach….and realized this was the perfect opportunity. He would never chance ruining the flavor explosion of the fruity peach with a dark depressing chocolate bar.
I casually passed it in his direction. He looked over…and shook his head.

YESSS! It’s mine.

I pop the last section into my mouth and settle back to enjoy it…..and the movie. Let’s not forget the movie.

As we were coming into the lobby, I realized that I had some powdery popcorn flavoring on my chin. I hastily wiped it away and greeted perky young blonde behind the counter. She asked us if we enjoyed the movie. We both said ‘yes!’ She went on to talk about how she hasn’t had a chance to see it, but she knows people who had. We laughed, we interjected, we made our exit.

Going outside seemed like walking into a warm bath. And it’s May! I love it. There were people everywhere, walking their dogs, walking hand in hand, jogging. I was thrilled that it was still light out. We passed people & smiled, saying hello….I love living in small towns.

Getting into the car, I pulled down the mirror to check my hair and saw the almost-black smudges of chocolate on my cheek, on the side of my mouth and on both hands.

‘HOW could you….??!!’
‘What? I didn’t even……!!’

but you know what?….it was soooo worth it :-)

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